electronic music

Mikael Johnson - Acid Afternoon (artwork faeton music)

Mikael Johnson – Acid Afternoon (2019)

Good morning! Saturday is a perfect time to party 🙂 But since it’s morning now, I will help you to prepare your brain and body to the club. Techno music is my weak spot. I really can listen to the good techno (like this one) over and over again....
Vandelux - Know Some (artwork faeton music)

Vandelux – Know Some (2019)

Hi everyone 🙂 For a few last days I can’t stand these summer heat. Okay, I love summer, but I can’t sleep and my body ia sweat all the time. 10 minutes after a shower and I feels like a fish again… Anyway, I have some wonderful music to...

MO-DU — MOD01 (2015)

Hello. Just listen to this music. MO-DU — music artist from Prague, Czech Republic. MO-DU on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Discogs Favorite

Pelts — Stand Behind The Rope (single 2015)

Hi people! A bit of disturbing music in the air 🙂 I like this monotonic music pulse. Pelts — electronic / ebm / industrial / synthpunk music artist from Los Angeles, USA. Pelts on the web: Official site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Instagram Twitter Favorite

Thelonious Brown — html (album 2014)

Hello! Thelonious Brown — : electronic / contemporary jazz / experimental / glitch / hop hip / idm / jazz / noise / psychedelic / trapis Patrick Brown, a music artist from Portland Maine, US. This music isn`t for Web Developers only. Thelonious Brown on the web: Facebook Bandcamp...

NON-HUMAN PERSONS — Mirror (single 2014)

Hello! NON-HUMAN PERSONS — electronic / electronica / electronic beats / female vocalist / synth / synthesizer / synth pop / synth wave / techno pop electronic duo from Berlin, Germany. A merging of minds, a merging of sounds, a merging of geographies and spirits. NON-HUMAN PERSONS on the...

Lunar Twin — Lunar Twin (EP 2014)

Hello! Wats up? FM team is still hanging out after New Years Eve, but now we can typing and it`s awesome:) Lunar Twin — dream pop / chill / electronic / beats is Chris and Bryce music duo from Oakland, California. Lunar Twin on the web: Official Webpage Facebook...

Texas Turntable Massacre — Knives Over Forks (single 2014)

Hello! Texas Turntable Massacre — : experimental / experimental electronic / industrial / goth / dark wave / soundtracks / horror music artist from Chicago, USA. Theremin. Moog. Sir Alec “Obi-Wan Kenobi” Guinness talks baby eating. A horribly out-of-context Rev. Jimmy Swaggart shrieks about sex and bondage. Creepy subterranean...

Дельфин / Dolphin — Андрей (album 2014)

Hello! Dolphin — electronic / rock / beat / experimental / alternative music artist from Moscow, Russia. He is great! This album is so powerful! Dolphin on the web: Official Webpagel Facebook Vkontakte iTunes GooglePlay YouTube Favorite