Sonnee - Here (artwork faeton music)

Sonnee – Here (2020)

Good morning 🙂 I am tired of this goddamn quarantine and fear of the fu*king virus! I hope you all doing well and any viruses can’t catch you. Sonnee – electronic music producer from Manchester, UK. Today I am here to show you the track entitled “Here”. Today it’s...
Heroarky - Psych (artwork faeton music)

Heroarky – Psych (2019)

Hey folks! Don’t you think that people screwing up their lives with their own hands? They’re always searching for the problems, even when there’s not any problems. They’re don’t want to believe in good things. But just try to look around, there is many beautiful things (starting from grass...
twyn artwork faeton music

TWYN – You Say (feat. Austin Paul) (2018)

Good evening. All the time I am happy and perceive everything as an endless adventure. But sometimes I am thinking about my life from another perspective (and this is very useful to refresh my thoughts and make them much more sober)…right now I am listening to this track and...