Defamed - Wounds (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Wounds (2020)

Hey! Monday is a hard day for most people, so I am here to add a little bit of heaviness of metal music to this day 🙂 You all, probably, already know this band… Here is one more song by Defamed — deathcore band from Milan, Italy, entitled “Wounds”....
Defamed - Aeon (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Aeon (2020)

Hey! Did you miss heavy stuff? Then you’re in the right place! I’ve got a bit of heaviness for you, my friends 🙂 Let’s check it out! First of all, here is Defamed — deathcore / djent band from Milan, Italy. Actually, this song is a crazy mix of...
Defamed - Doves (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – Doves (2020)

How’s your week started? In case, you hate Mondays, I have a track to throw off your anger away. Today here is one more powerful song by Defamed (a deathcore / djent band from Milan, Italy). The song is called “Doves”. Check their previous track following the link below...
Defamed - In Tenebris (artwork faeton music)

Defamed – In Tenebris (2020)

Good morning, my friends! If you think that we will start the weekend and August with some downtempo / easy listening music, then you’re totally wrong! It’s gonna blow your mind! Defamed — deathcore / progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. Today here is their song “In Tenebris”. First...