KiRiK & Alia Palant - Techiya (artwork faeton music)

KiRiK & Alia Palant – Techiya (2020)

Hey guys! Today I am pretty excited because today here is an artist from Ukraine 🙂 I am always happy to share good music from Ukrainian musicians. Here is KiRiK & Alia Palant with their fresh track “Techiya”. It’s kinda mix of deep house, melodic techno, electronica and something...

Søjus1 – 006 (feat. i Am Halo) (2016)

Hello. Here I am again, with another great music masterpiece. It’s not a fresh one, but very interesting. Check it. Søjus1 — experimental electronic / trip-hop / downtempo music project from Dresden, Germany. Søjus1 on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Google+ YouTube Favorite