Sawticide - We Came To Kill (artwork faeton music)

Sawticide – We Came To Kill (2020)

Hi, one more time for today 🙂 It’s fate probably, but today, in one of the most religiously great days of the year in Ukraine I am posting two incredibly heavy songs. Okay, just a coincidence probably… Here is Sawticide – thrash / death metal band from London, UK,...
Infected Dead - The Rache (artwork faeton music)

Infected Dead – The Rache (2019)

Hey, hey! Metal music is my passion for all time, but it rarely appears here, unfortunately. Today is one of those rare days when death metal is in the house 🙂 If you don’t like metal music, you can close this tab and that’s all. But if you are,...

The Modern Door — Augmented Folk Ballads of the Leine Plain (2015)

Hi there! I don’t even know, what to say about this album… This is probably the most weird album, that I listened in the last few weeks, but It’s magnetic! Fantastic album, strongly recommended! The Modern Door — experimantal / folk / drone polka / freak folk music project...