The Velvoids - Let It Breathe (artwork faeton music)

The Velvoids – Let It Breathe (2020)

Hello! I love spring 🙂 That feeling when you have a lot of ideas to embody, lots of things happening around, everything starting backing alive! Amazing time! Today I want to show you one very interesting psychedelic rock music duo from Athens, Greece – The Velvoids, and their latest...
Gao the Arsonist - A.M. (artwork faeton music)

Gao the Arsonist – A.M. (2019)

Hello, guys! As usual, I am here with my big cup of hot black tea in the morning, trying to type something thoughtful about one more amazing track. Here is Gao the Arsonist – experimental hip-hop music producer from London, UK, and his track “A.M.”. I will not talk...

Skinny Downers — Kill Figures (2016)

Hello. Noisy industrial sounds directly from Germany to your ears 🙂 Skinny Downers — dark wave / industrial / rock music project from Berlin / Waterford, Germany. Previous posts about Skinny Downers on FM blog: SKINNY DOWNERS — SLEEPER CELL (2014) SKINNY DOWNERS — OUT COMES THE KNIFE (2016)...

Skinny Downers — Out Comes the Knife (2016)

Hey, how are you? Our friends from Germany are released new track! It’s really good, check this out. Skinny Downers — alternative / dark wave / industrial music artist from Berlin / Waterford, Germany. This track is available for free download on Skinny Downers’s soundcloud page 🙂 Previous posts...

Ajay Malghan — Vessel (2015)

Hi there! Here is a great example of how man can be good in many genres of art. Check his website, there is a lot of interesting stuff. Peace. Ajay Malghan — ambient / electronic / experimental music producer also photographer and graphic artist from Austin, US. Ajay Malghan...

Alphane Reality Generator — Nature of My Circuitry

Hi. Today you have an opportunity to listen a bit of experimental rock music. This music is directly from hell 🙂 Alphane Reality Generator — blues rock / experimental / lo-fi music artist from West Chester, (US). Alphane Reality Generator on the web: Bandcamp LastFM Favorite

Bigudi — b. (single 2014)

Good evening! Today I want to introduce to you one great music project from Russia. Please welcome — Bigudi! Bigudi — electronic / experimental / new wave music project from Moscow, Russia. Bigudi on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Vimeo Instagram Favorite

Those Damn Bloodsuckers — Songs For The Dead (2015)

Oh…long time we was busy. But now — time to listen some fresh music! Crazy and in the same time attractive noisy sounds. True dark atmosphere. Check this out! Those Damn Bloodsuckers — ambient / dark ambient / drone / industrial / noise music artist from Chester County,Pennsylvania. Those...