lunokhod — Breakdown (2015)

Good evening. Great release, from great musicians. Check it out! Older posts about lunokhod: LUNOKHOD — HUNDRED YEARS (2015) lunokhod — electronic / minimal / idm music artist from Liège, Belgium. lunokhod on the web: Facebook tumblr. Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Twitter Favorite

Death And The Maiden — Death And The Maiden (2015)

Hello people! Its a debut album from this young trio, out on 13 April in UK / Europe and also available in the US (via Revolver/ Midheaven). It’s loosely experimental electronic, and a unique mix of dance/ trance elements with post-punk analog instrumentation and vocals. Death And The Maiden...

Patrick Benjamin — She Could Fly EP (2015)

Good evening everyone! I strongly recommend this release for all of those people, who likes to listen some ambient and minimal electronic stuff. Personally, I really love ambient and experimental music, so I appreciated the this album! Also, I recommend to listen his previous EP there: Bits EP on...

Bad Blocks — Circulate (EP 2014)

Hi mates! Bad Blocks — electronic /dream-pop / experimental beats / chill / new age / ambient / dance an electronic two-piece collaboration of Daniel Neeve and Hamish Lang from Wellington, New Zealand. In IT, “bad blocks” are digital corruptions that render information unreadable and unwritable. For Hamish Lang...

Jeremy Mage and The Magi — Jeremy Mage and The Magi (2014)

I don’t know, what to say. Open your mind and listen Jeremy Mage and The Magi — electronic soul / downtempo / psychedelic / trip hop music artist from Brooklyn (US). Jeremy Mage and The Magi on the web: Official site Facebook Bandcamp Twitter iTunes Favorite