Collin Selman

Collin Selman - YOUlogy (artwork faeton music)

Collin Selman – YOUlogy (2020)

Hello! Here is Collin Selman again 🙂 Today it’s gonna be his new track “YOUlogy” off of his debut EP. You can check previous tracks following links below btw. His music always relaxing. This track is not an exception to this good tradition. It sounds calm and soft. The...
Collin Selman - tANGERine (artwork faeton music)

Collin Selman – tANGERine (2019)

Hello! I like it when artists changing their style sometimes. I think it’s much more interesting to float between styles and create interesting mixes of styles in the music. This time here is a good example of how to do that 🙂 Previous two tracks (check out links below)...
Collin Selman - $ELLophane (artwork faeton music)

Collin Selman – $ELLophane (2019)

Hi there! Do you remember, two days ago I posted the track called “dayDREAM” (if not, then check link below)? Today am happy to represent to you one more track by Collin Selman – $ELLophane. By mood, it’s like floating in the small and calm river in the middle...
Collin Selman - dayDREAM (artwork faeton music)

Collin Selman – dayDREAM (2019)

Hey! Today’s post will come out earlier than usual, because I have some important things to do in the early morning 🙂 But this doesn’t mean that the track is worse then usual. This is the same high quality music as always before on Faeton Music, believe me. Today...