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Belle Ford - Cat Call (artwork faeton music)

Belle Ford – Cat Call (2021)

Hi there! How things going? 🙂 Well, on my side (at least from the musical perspective) everything is great! That’s because I found one more diamond in the endless ocean of the world’s modern musical scene! Okay…maybe that was not me, I am here just to share it with...
Reyn Hartley - Bow (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Bow (2020)

Good morning, friends! Does anybody remember such name as Reyn Hartley, and tracks as “Snitch”, “Italy”, and “Energy”? Damn, what the fu*k? For sure you do! Well, in my opinion, this guy is one of the most stylish and interesting fresh-blood rappers. His tracks are hits. To prove my...
Reyn Hartley - Energy (artwork faeton music)

Reyn Hartley – Energy (2020)

Hello, guys! If you know who is Reyn Hartley and what is Snitch, then you’ll be pretty happy to know that he released fresh track lately. For those who have no idea what am I talking about, here is short info: Reyn Hartley — hip-hop / rap music artist...
KIALLA - Sanity Check (artwork faeton music)

KIALLA – Sanity Check (2020)

Good morning. Or not good…whatever. Definitely will be better 🙂 At the end of 2019 I posted one very interesting track, this one – KIALLA – Kotton Kandy. To be honest, these guys just blow my head out! And here is their new track! As in previous one, in...
Gao the Arsonist - A.M. (artwork faeton music)

Gao the Arsonist – A.M. (2019)

Hello, guys! As usual, I am here with my big cup of hot black tea in the morning, trying to type something thoughtful about one more amazing track. Here is Gao the Arsonist – experimental hip-hop music producer from London, UK, and his track “A.M.”. I will not talk...