Crywolf - Foreign Tongues (Roniit Reimagination) (artwork faeton music)

Crywolf – Foreign Tongues (Roniit Reimagination) (2019)

Hello. Sometimes musicians trying to create something original, but they’re often forgetting about simple thing – more instruments not mean better result. Here you can hear perfect example of how you can make wonderful music using only keys and voice. And, actually, it sounds pretty wide, even with this...

Barstool Astronaut — We Were Always Wandering EP (2015)

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well. Today I want you to listen this great EP. It’s a symbiosis of electronic and instrumental music! Very interesting release. Check this out 😉 Barstool Astronaut — ambient / electronic / instrumental / idm music artist named Michael L. Schneider from Los...