FKA twigs – Two Weeks (Official Video 2014)

Hey-Hey! FKA twigs — electronic / dream pop / art pop / avant pop / trip-hop is a musicial band from UK. Beautifull. Sexy. Fresh. Her sweet vocal make me so relaxed. I bacame a fan of FKA twigs! I watched this video about 10 times, than said: “WOW!”,...

FKA Twigs — ep, ep2 (2012, 2013)

FKA Twigs — and that’s all I can tell about it. You just need to hear it with your own ears. This is musical magic. FKA Twigs on the web: Official site Facebook Twitter LastFM Tumblr Favorite

Venture — Mɛlənkəli (2013)

The last post for today is…(drumroll) TADA — Venture! (applauses) Venture is an electronic music producer from Britain. And Britain, as usual, don’t disappoints me in music (this is not surprising). Very-very good album. I listen literally in the same breath. Hope you like it too. Goodnight. Venture on...