Pjets - Friend (artwork faeton music)

Pjets – Friend (2020)

Hey guys! Friday 13th (even in 2020) is not a reason to be afraid or do any rituals to save yourself from any “dark energy” πŸ™‚ I can advise to listen to the calm beautiful music instead. Today I am here to share with you one of those calm...
Scourge - Execution of the Population (artwork faeton music)

Scourge – Execution of the Population (2020)

Hello guys! Although it’s Sunday, I decided to make a heavy music day πŸ™‚ As you probably know, I am a big fan of metal music…especially if it’s extremely heavy. You can even check my “Fu*king heavy!” Spotify playlist. Anyways, today I am happy to represent to you Scourge...
Staat Van Genade - Stenen Deze Meirgend (artwork faeton music)

Staat Van Genade – Stenen Deze Meirgend (2020)

Good evening. One more track for today. Probably, not the best choice for Monday morning, but it’s here, and it’s good! Let’s start this week together πŸ™‚ Here is Staat Van Genade β€” stoner metal / psychedelic music project from Mechelen, Belgium, and the song “Stenen Deze Meirgend”. From...
Loden - We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (artwork faeton music)

Loden – We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (2020)

Hello folks! Without any long lyrical introduction. Let’s jump right into it! Here is Loden β€” electronic music producer from Brussels, Belgium, and the track “We Left The Colony, Sans Regret”. First of all, the track sounds pretty original and unusual for me. I’ve heard a lot of trip-hop...
asia - cold sweat (artwork faeton music)

asia – cold sweat (2020)

Hi everyone πŸ™‚ Recently I’ve read the joke on the internet…it was something like: “Today I’ve learned that my lifestyle has a name – quarantine”. Damn, It’s so about me! But I am here not for jokes. I have an important mission – bring music to humanity! (still kidding)...
Yellow Straps - Goldress (feat. VYNK) (artwork faeton music)

YellowStraps – Goldress (feat. VYNK) (2019)

Hi there! Hmm, two days in a row I have music from Belgium. Maybe it’s some kind of sign? But sign of what? Okay, okay, I’m just fooling around πŸ™‚ Some time ago I’ve posted one very nice song by this band (check the link below), and today here...

YellowStraps β€” Idle Talk (2018)

And one more track for today πŸ™‚ I like the springs evenings…there is something special in them. I already feel the warm breath of the summer, but still got the cool evenings. Everything is blooming around me and this is magic! When I am listening to this track, my...

lunokhod β€” Breakdown (2015)

Good evening. Great release, from great musicians. Check it out! Older posts about lunokhod: LUNOKHOD — HUNDRED YEARS (2015) lunokhod — electronic / minimal / idm music artist from Liège, Belgium. lunokhod on the web: Facebook tumblr. Soundcloud Bandcamp YouTube Twitter Favorite