noteaf - Somewhere (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Somewhere (2022)

Hi guys! After a little pause (because of the war obviously) and a bit of rest, I’m back with my first beat tape! Actually, I planning to release 3 beat tapes (for each month of summer) named “June”, “July”, and “August”. This track is called “Somewhere”, and it’s a...
Faeton Beats - 800hp (artwork faeton music)

Faeton Beats – 800hp (2021)

Hey guys! This post is pretty strange… As you all, probably, know, I play guitar in a post-metal band NUG, make ambient music under 58918012 alias, and now, I started to produce hip-hop beats as Faeton Beats. Because, why not, right? Check out the first released beat right now...

SiouxxBoyy888/Sioux — NOTES

Good evening. I like to rest and listen to the sounds of instrumental hip-hop. Its monotonic melody and slow beat making me very relaxed and calm. Feels like I am diving into that low frequencies…just great 🙂 Maybe somebody will tell: “this is bad beat, not interesting and something...