Oceans - Amour (artwork faeton music)

Oceans – Amour (2022)

Hi guys! As usual, I am here to share some fresh and good sounding music. This time here is Oceans — a post-rock / shoegaze / alternative music project by Thomas Lee from Melbourne, Australia, and his fresh song called “Amour”. Let’s dive right in! First of all, just...
Machiniska - One by One by One (artwork faeton music)

Machiniska – One by One by One (2022)

Hi there! Since the war began, every day I have a bunch of very strong emotions…and sometimes I just need to take a rest. Today’s song is a perfect soundtrack to do that. Here is Machiniska — electronic / trip-hop music artist from Brisbane, Australia, the song “One by...
Scott Stevenson - Sonjat (artwork faeton music)

Scott Stevenson – Sonjat (2021)

Hi guys! The last day of 2021, and the last post this year are here. I’d say, it’s not a “celebrating” kind of music at all. But this track is perfectly fitting my inner vibe at this moment, so I am happy to represent to you Scott Stevenson —...
Prizefight - Credit (artwork faeton music)

Prizefight – Credit (2021)

Hello 🙂 For a long time, there was no IDM music for some reason. Of course…it’s only up to my musical taste. I usually prefer a bit darker music…but today’s track hooked me a lot. Here is Scott Urwin a.k.a. Prizefight — electronic music artist Melbourne, Australia, and his...
Acetylene (Aust) - In The Face Of It (artwork faeton music)

Acetylene (Aust) – In The Face Of It (2021)

Hey guys! The second day of 2021 brought you a bit more good music. Here is Acetylene (Aust) — indie / alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia, and their fresh song “In The Face Of It”. Let’s check it out together 😉 The first thing that appears in my...
Dumaresq - A Second Range Crossing (artwork faeton music)

Dumaresq – A Second Range Crossing (2020)

Hi everyone! If you are reading these words right now, then you are definitely looking for some fresh music, right? Well, I am here to satisfy your desires. Let’s check it 😉 Today here is Dumaresq — post-rock / shoegaze music artist from Melbourne, Australia, and his song “A...