Bronze Whale, Poles - Hold. Wait. Fall. (artwork faeton music)

Bronze Whale – Hold. Wait. Fall. (2020)

Hi there! Music – is a thing where we MUST go against rules sometimes 🙂 SInce I don’t like autotuned vocals in music, I am usually not posting music with autotunage. Today’s track is one of those exceptions, when autotune used so gently and thoughtful, so I want it...
Bronze Whale - Let's Go Walk (artwork faeton music)

Bronze Whale – Let’s Go Walk (2020)

Hello! Here we go again! New day – new music 🙂 Yesterday I’ve slept too long…and when woke up uploaded the track with the mistake. But then, when figured out, quickly fixed it. Conclusion – everyone should sleep well, to work well. Today here is Bronze Whale – indie...
Blushing - Control (artwork faeton music)

Blushing – Control (2019)

Hello! Yesterday was a little break for me and my ears. But I prepared some fresh stuff for you guys 🙂 Today it’s gonna be band from Austin, United States – “Blushing” with their song entitled “Control”. Since these guys are not the first time here, I will not...
Father Sheed - Nvr Loved U (artwork faeton music)

Father Sheed – Nvr Loved U (2019)

Hello! Here I am again 🙂 Today it’s gonna be a house music. Not just regular house for the club party, but lo-fi house for the good rest for your body and brain. Artist called Father Sheed, with the real name of Nick Jamshidi from Austin, United States. Strong...
Blushing - So Many (artwork faeton music)

Blushing – So Many (2019)

Hi everyone! Today, I have something special for you (well, as usual actually). This time here is band called “Blushing” from Austin, Texas. They making amazing stuff in styles like shoegaze, post-rock, dreampop, indie rock, alternative, and many other. Everything is mixed into the musical coctail that sounds absolutely...
Tiny Dolphin - Man on the Moon (artwork faeton music)

Tiny Dolphin – Man on the Moon (2019)

Good morning 🙂 It’s summer and I can’t go out because of that heat outside… Anyway, the music is one of the things that can help to stay calm and cool. And that’s why I’m in love with the music! Tiny Dolphin is not the first time here, so...
Blushing - Dream Merchants (artwork faeton music)

Blushing – Dream Merchants (2019)

Hi there! Today I have something special for you all! Okay, I always have special things 🙂 Anyway, here is noisy music by Blushing from United States. I really like that undeground kind of sound. Enjoy. Website Facebook Soundcloud Spotify Bandcamp Instagram Youtube Twitter Favorite