Kamil Kowalczyk - Kompilator (artwork faeton music)

Kamil Kowalczyk – Kompilator (2023)

Hi, friends! I am always trying to learn how to rest and relax but my brain has its own plans 🙂 Anyways, when I hear music like today’s track, the only thing I can think of is how to close my eyes and try to get rid of any...
58918012 feat. Marfa - Lullabies (artwork faeton music)

58918012 feat. Marfa – Lullabies (2020)

Hey guys! For s very long time I dreamed about this release, and finally, it’s here! I am happy to represent to you “Lullabies” EP, by me aka 58918012 and Evgenia Kartushova aka Marfa. Let’s check it! The “Lullabies” EP is my tribute to Ukrainian culture in general and...
Aquartos - The Valley (artwork faeton music)

Aquartos – The Valley (2019)

Hello. Rain and cold reminds me that this is autumn. But it’s not bad. I like any of the seasons. Autumn – for some sadness, Winter – to stay calm, Spring – to feel alive, Summer – to get some rest. And I have some favorite genres to listen...
Aquartos - Lost City (artwork faeton music)

Aquartos – Lost City (2019)

Hello! Today is a day of ambient. It’s just my idea, but I will post an ambient stuff today 🙂 Ambient is a very special music for me. Sometimes I feel that I just need to hear some good ambient music to become calm and clear my head from...
green - Track 02 (artwork faeton music)

green – Track 02 (2019)

Hi there! My morning started from this track. What can I say? This is beautiful music with amazing atmosphere, so I strongly recommend you to check out full album on Bandcamp (following link below). In general, I think that this track is too short 🙂 I’d like it to...

Aquartos — Soaring Island (2018)

Hi! In some reason I don’t like sundays…usually it’s very lazy days and today is the same thing. But it feels like a lazy monday (a lot of people, vehicles and sounds behind my window) and I don’t like it to be honest 🙂 I’d like to be in...

Søjus1 – 006 (feat. i Am Halo) (2016)

Hello. Here I am again, with another great music masterpiece. It’s not a fresh one, but very interesting. Check it. Søjus1 — experimental electronic / trip-hop / downtempo music project from Dresden, Germany. Søjus1 on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Google+ YouTube Favorite

Still Sightes — Hiraeth (2015)

Hello again. Here is the new interesting release for you, guys. Just spend a few minutes to listen this band from Nashville. They are very good. I already listened 🙂 Still Sightes — post-rock / atmospheric / shoegaze music band from Nashville, US. Still Sightes on the web: Facebook...

Liamere — Liamere (2015)

Hello. Silent snowy night. I love nights like this one. And this album makes right mood. Enjoy it 🙂 Liamere — trip-hop / downtempo / electronic music artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Liamere on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Bigudi — b. (single 2014)

Good evening! Today I want to introduce to you one great music project from Russia. Please welcome — Bigudi! Bigudi — electronic / experimental / new wave music project from Moscow, Russia. Bigudi on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Vimeo Instagram Favorite