Aquartos - The Valley (artwork faeton music)

Aquartos – The Valley (2019)

Hello. Rain and cold reminds me that this is autumn. But it’s not bad. I like any of the seasons. Autumn – for some sadness, Winter – to stay calm, Spring – to feel alive, Summer – to get some rest. And I have some favorite genres to listen...
Aquartos - Lost City (artwork faeton music)

Aquartos – Lost City (2019)

Hello! Today is a day of ambient. It’s just my idea, but I will post an ambient stuff today πŸ™‚ Ambient is a very special music for me. Sometimes I feel that I just need to hear some good ambient music to become calm and clear my head from...
green - Track 02 (artwork faeton music)

green – Track 02 (2019)

Hi there! My morning started from this track. What can I say? This is beautiful music with amazing atmosphere, so I strongly recommend you to check out full album on Bandcamp (following link below). In general, I think that this track is too short πŸ™‚ I’d like it to...

Aquartos β€” Soaring Island (2018)

Hi! In some reason I don’t like sundays…usually it’s very lazy days and today is the same thing. But it feels like a lazy monday (a lot of people, vehicles and sounds behind my window) and I don’t like it to be honest πŸ™‚ I’d like to be in...

SΓΈjus1 – 006 (feat. i Am Halo) (2016)

Hello. Here I am again, with another great music masterpiece. It’s not a fresh one, but very interesting. Check it. SΓΈjus1 β€” experimental electronic / trip-hop / downtempo music project from Dresden, Germany. SΓΈjus1 on the web: Website Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Google+ YouTube Favorite

Still Sightes β€” Hiraeth (2015)

Hello again. Here is the new interesting release for you, guys. Just spend a few minutes to listen this band from Nashville. They are very good. I already listened πŸ™‚ Still Sightes β€” post-rock / atmospheric / shoegaze music band from Nashville, US. Still Sightes on the web: Facebook...

Liamere β€” Liamere (2015)

Hello. Silent snowy night. I love nights like this one. And this album makes right mood. Enjoy it πŸ™‚ Liamere β€” trip-hop / downtempo / electronic music artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Liamere on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Twitter Favorite

Bigudi β€” b. (single 2014)

Good evening! Today I want to introduce to you one great music project from Russia. Please welcome β€” Bigudi! Bigudi β€” electronic / experimental / new wave music project from Moscow, Russia. Bigudi on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp Vimeo Instagram Favorite

Nathan Shubert's Pirate Ship β€” Moorage, Captain, Port & Chambers (2014)

In the middle of the week you need calm and relaxing music. Nathan Shubert β€” experimental / ambient / instrumental / atmospheric music project based in Vancouver (Canada). Like it! Very talanted musician. Thanks for the great music. Nathan Shubert’s Pirate Ship on the web: Official site Facebook Bandcamp...

Birds Of Passage β€” This Kindly Slumber (2014)

I love to listen to dark ambient. And I want to represent to you this artist: Birds Of Passage β€” ambient / dark ambient / folk / experimental project from New Zealand. I hypnotized by her gently voice. It’s amazing music. Check it out! Birds Of Passage on the...