album 2014

C.Young — BLUE ENIGMA (album 2014)

Hello! C.Young — Hip-Hop / Jazzy Hip-Hop is a music artist from San Diego, CA. Chris Young also known as C.Young & Chris Young The Rapper is an international hip-hop star & one half of the genre bending duo VIBE. C.Young on the web: Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Download Free...

Muuk — Muuk (album 2014)

Buenas! Muuk — experimental rock / ambient rock / electronic rock / instrumental rock / noise rock / krautrock is an independent music band from Mexico City. Muuk on the web: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Twitter Instagram Favorite

Remy Olandrusso — MPRSSNS F FRC (Album 2014)

Hello! Remy Olandrusso — experimental / psychedelic / experimental electronic / psych / psychedeliais Evan Lacksmer, music artist from Chicago, Illinois. Wanna some insane in the brain? Quickly press play! P.S: Evan uses bass guitar, guitar, sometimes both, some cymbal percussion, processed vocals, electric mbira, distortion, looper, pitchshifter. Remy...

GoGo Penguin — v2.0 (album 2014)

Hello! GoGo Penguin — jazz, progressive jazz, experimental jazz is a music band from Manchester, UK. Band members are: – Chris Illingworth – piano. – Nick Blacka – double bass. – Rob Turner – drums/percussion. This is one of my favorites album of this year. GoGo Penguin on the...

Дельфин / Dolphin — Андрей (album 2014)

Hello! Dolphin — electronic / rock / beat / experimental / alternative music artist from Moscow, Russia. He is great! This album is so powerful! Dolphin on the web: Official Webpagel Facebook Vkontakte iTunes GooglePlay YouTube Favorite

Unradiant — Unradiant (album 2014)

Hello! Want to chill?! No problemos! Just press play! Unradiant — experimental / ambient / downtempo / electronic is Oula Maaranen, musician from Finland. Unradiant on the web: Facebook Tumblr Soundcloud Favorite

Le Zoo Des Monstres — Ghosts From Indian Ocean (album 2014)

Hello! Le Zoo Des Monstres — electronic / experimental / nihilism / electromaloya is a music artist from a little island lost in indian ocean. Le Zoo Des Monstres on the web: Soundcloud Bandcamp Favorite

Little King — My Friend (album 2014)

Hello! Little King — Acoustic / Chamber is an interesting music band from NY, USA. The band currently locate in Brooklyn. Little King was started almost 2 years ago with 2 vocalists, clarinet, bass clarinet, and bass. They’ve been playing regularly around the Brooklyn/Manhattan and have toured throughout New...

Strategic Tape Reserve Staff — Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk (2014)

Hi everyone! Very strange rhythms, sounds and harmonies. Weird and crazy music, check it out! Strategic Tape Reserve Staff — electronic experimental, ambient, minimal, techno music artist from Neuenbrook (Germany). Strategic Tape Reserve Staff on the web: Official site Bandcamp Favorite

Arms and Sleepers — Swim Team (album 2014)

Hello! New album from amazing Arms and Sleepers! Just press play! Arms and Sleepers is an ambient/electronic/trip-hop/post-rock duo consisting of Max Lewis (Boston, MA) and Mirza Ramic (Portland, ME). Arms and Sleepers on the web: Official Site Facebook Soundcloud Bandcamp LastFM Myspace Youtube Twitter Favorite