Karl McCann - Like A Star (artwork faeton music)

Karl McCann – Like A Star (2021)

Hi, guys! We always want more…it doesn’t matter, more of what. More money, more joy, more sadness. It’s kinda human nature — to want more. Anyways, I will try to show you that sometimes less means much more than lots. Today here is Karl McCann – acoustic / sadcore...
John Pierce O'Reilly - now, the sun (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – now, the sun (2021)

Hey guys! Some time ago I posted a very nice folk song by John Pierce O’Reilly called “iombhá”. As you may predict, today here is one more track by this musician — “now, the sun”. Let’s check it! First of all, it’s incredibly different from what I heard in...
J Flint - Til Flowers Bloom (artwork faeton music)

J Flint – Til Flowers Bloom (2021)

Good morning 🙂 I’m back! You know what? I’ve never thought about how many songs about love are out there… No, really! Now I see, that love is probably the most popular theme for songwriters. And the most interesting thing here is how different people can describe and translate...
John Pierce O'Reilly - iombhá (artwork faeton music)

John Pierce O’Reilly – iombhá (2021)

Hey, guys! For the last two days, I had a headache. So, I decided to listen to something soft and gentle to my ears. And I’ve got something perfect for this case 🙂 Here is John Pierce O’Reilly — indie folk music artist from Ireland, and his fresh song...
Hola la Poyana - Before you leave (feat. Rigolò) (artwork faeton music)

Hola la Poyana – Before you leave (feat. Rigolò) (2021)

Hey, guys! Today’s mood is like: “life is an endlessly going process of energy transformation. From the moment of a big bang to the end of times, that energy will flow from one shape to another.” Excuse me for these corny words. I just needed to say them at...