Luke De-Sciscio - A Pool Beneath The Stars (artwork faeton music)

Luke De-Sciscio – A Pool Beneath The Stars (2020)

Hi guys! Everybody rushing and posting “best of 2020”, “best albums of the year” etc… My last post of this year is just one song. But this is not “just a song”, that’s pure magic and truly healing sounds. That’s not a metaphor. I really had a headache, but...
Simon Alexander - Riverine (artwork faeton music)

Simon Alexander – Riverine (2020)

Good morning, guys! Some things never changing… Time is consistently going by, the season changing the season, and Simon Alexander makes us happy with his beautiful music 🙂 Today here is his new song called “Riverine”. Let’s check it! Musically, it’s an acoustic / folk song, with amazing vocal,...
Jordan Paul - Archetype X (artwork faeton music)

Ellis Meek – Archetype X (2020)

Hey guys! How are things going? 🙂 I have a wonderful song for those of you who like Jeff Buckley (I hope you all know who is Jeff Buckley). Let’s check it together! Here is Ellis Meek — indie-folk / alternative music artist from Hamilton (Ontario Canada), and his...
Simon Alexander - Ocean (artwork faeton music)

Simon Alexander – Ocean (2020)

No long introductions today. Here is Simon Alexander — acoustic / folk / indie music artist from Goteborg, Sweden, with his fresh song “Ocean”, from the sophomore album ‘Riverine’, coming out November 13th. Let’s give it a listen! Traditionally, we can hear his amazing voice inside of a fragile...
Astrolemo - Time Travel (Acoustic) (artwork faeton music)

Astrolemo – Time Travel (Acoustic) (2020)

Good morning, world 🙂 I don’t know why, but Astrolemo’s vocal-tracks are always touching my heart. I’ve already posted this song here, but not an acoustic version of it. So, today you have a chance to listen to the acoustic version. It’s a miracle, how the voice and the...
Astrolemo - Haunting Me (Acoustic) (artwork faeton music)

Astrolemo – Haunting Me (Acoustic) (2020)

Good morning 🙂 Week starts with the nice news from Astrolemo! If you still don’t know who is it, then check out THIS LINK. I’ve already posted a bunch of his track here, and today here is a re-arranged version of one of my favorite songs — “Haunting Me”....