acid jazz

noteaf - Ant EP (artwork faeton music)

noteaf – Ant EP (2022)

Hey-hey! How are you guys doing? I have two wonderful news for you 🙂 1) I finally found a perfect record label for my music! I am now signed under Syntes Records. 2) My new EP is here! Of course, it’s released via Syntes Records. I’ve always liked the...
58918012 - Trumpet Time (artwork faeton music)

58918012 – Trumpet Time (2021)

Hello, guys! This new EP “Trumpet Time” — is three tracks in styles of dark ambient, downtempo, and acid jazz, which are connected with each other by the one main thing — sounds of the trumpet. I love to work with live instruments! It’s always leading to something fresh...
ROY ROY - Chalky Nuts (artwork faeton music)

ROY ROY – Chalky Nuts (2021)

Hey! As you all probably know, I like music where a bunch of genres mixed…something experimental and mindblowing. Sometimes I am looking for something described above all over the streaming platforms, but sometimes this music finding me by itself. Today is of those cases. So, open your mind to...
Low Kick Collective - Halo (artwork faeton music)

Low Kick Collective – Halo (2019)

Hi there! Today I am here to share with you amazing music by Low Kick Collective from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Their track “Halo” is a great example of good-old nu jazz (which is usually associated with Red Snapper for me). Since I am not a nu jazz nerd, so...
Subculture - The River Bend (artwork faeton music)

Subculture – The River Bend (2019)

Hi there! How you guys doing today? How’s your work week? What do you thing about Tool’s new album? If all these questions has no sense to you today, then I have something special for your ears! Ready? My goodness, I’m in love! This track is something amazing. Each...