Zane Coppard - No Best Life (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – No Best Life

One more psychedelic masterpiece by Zane Coppard

Artist about the track:

Zane Coppard’s No Best Life is the Third single from his sophomore album “Of Self”. Drawing upon the death of his father, Zane’s most recent body of work drips with darkness, greif, and uncertainty. No Best Life is honest exploration of humans’ tendencies towards jealousy. Riddled with drone-like guitar work No Best Life is for listeners looking to grapple with big ideas, and explorers looking to map new sonic experiences.


There was never a way oh off this ship
I’ll take your life and give you mine, and give you mine
There is no best, there is no best, there is no best
There is no best life
Start looking inside
You’ll rot away
Like any fallen tree caught in the wind
As it breathes you in
I find myself indebted to you
Without a hand to follow
I would never have sky to touch, stop thinking too much
There is no best way no matter what you say
You help me make sense of things
No need to explain what makes a mind change it’s shape
There was never a way