Zane Coppard - Lost Upon The First Step (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – Lost Upon The First Step

Strange and deep song by Zane Coppard

Artist about the track:

Zane Coppard’s label debut, Lost Upon The First Step is the first single from his sophomore album “Of Self”. Drawing upon the death of his father, Zane’s most recent body of work drips with darkness, greif, and uncertainty. Lost Upon The First Step is no different, featuring drone-like guitar work, improvised vocal lines, and a climactic trajectory that lends the work a grizzly cinematic feel. If you’re looking for something that is genre defyingly raw, look no further. Lost Upon The First Step is for listeners looking to grapple with big ideas, and explorers looking to map new sonic experiences.

Parts of this song have been kicking around since I first started writing and recording my own music as a teenager. I’d always liked the original piano riff, but the song never felt complete until one day after doing what I thought would be a microdose of psychedelic mushrooms, I found myself lying on the floor of my tiny windowless studio, wondering what the meaning of life was really all about. My dad had recently passed away and that really solidified my desire to be my own artist instead of a session musician. The outro of this song (3:18 and onward) was a one-take vocal freestyled into a tape recorder. It gets a little metaphysical. I’ve always loved a feeling of urgency in music, so I figured recording whatever came out of me was a good way to recreate that feeling.


I’m not sober but confronted with the reality of my own inhibitions
Where am I in this world?
I drag my feet along the side
And forget oh who I am
All that I know to be true
Is I’m lost, I’m lost
I take a walk on the moon
And fall asleep under a rock
In my awakedness I, I
Drag my feet along the sand
And forget oh who I am
All that I know for sure is I’m lost
Is I’m lost in this universe
All that I know for sure is I’m lost, lost
We find our way
I’m not afraid
Our love is spiritual
This touch glistening
Life’s squeeze was a gentle caress
I am nurtured
Forgot my alienation
Don’t miss my innocence
When I cease to exist I’ll find your hand to grasp
I’m beginning to make sense of where I am in this universe