Zane Coppard - Fake Reasons (artwork faeton music)

Zane Coppard – Fake Reasons

One more beautiful song by Zane Coppard

Artist about the track:

Zane Coppard’s Fake Reasons is the second single from his sophomore album “Of Self”. Drawing upon the death of his father, Zane’s most recent body of work drips with darkness, greif, and uncertainty. Fake Reasons is a discordant exploration of rejection and perseverance. Fake Reason’s terrifying drum programing swallows listeners into a landscape of darkness, full of shrieks and murmurs from all sides. Fake Reasons is for listeners looking to grapple with big ideas, and explorers looking to map new sonic experiences.

Fake reasons is a track that took on many stages of creation. Thinking it was done on numerous occasions I kept coming back to it and changing the song. It’s the most outwardly boustrous track on the record. The song tells a story of opening yourself up to someone to not have that emotional feeling reciprocated. Fake Reasons talks about the societal shame associated with being rejected, the “overbearing voices” and “not wanting to remember”, as well as the what could have been with “moonlight shifts forever bright”. The energy of the song is taking the feeling of rejection and not being phased by it. Embodying the feeling into a new swagger. The drum feel on Fake Reasons was deeply influenced by Kanye’s “Real Friends”, with the violins taking nods from Jungle’s new “4EVER” album.


Forgiveness was a language I forgot
When it came to speaking my heart
I don’t want to remember
Whether you like it or not
I’ll be breaking through lines you draw
Forgetting where it is I belong
I don’t want to remember
I don’t want to remember
Overbearing voices
Moonlight shifts forever bright
My shadowy ways bring you to light
I’d rather mean nothing other than
Fake reasons