YAP - Autism is a shift (artwork faeton music)

YAP – Autism is a shift

Fresh track by Brian ‘YAP’ Barry

Artist about the track:

Giants raised by dwarfs, giant coming back into the game.


Autism is a shift 
A spectrum rift between future and past ways 
A light at the end of a long dark tunnel 
Autism is life turning in man for the better 
X through Y to the letter 
Autism is speciation: dare I say, X men 
Autism is the god channel 

Autism is refinement: an ontological realignment: a meta-synthetic cognitive recalibration of the minds eye to be more precise about it
As we burst forward out of a schizophrenic paradigm to become more
As the eye inside evolves to know more, on this great path; this great river coloured by abstract. 

I love people but I feel outside of them 
Not so much marginalized as born a hundred centuries too soon
Half developed, barely conscious, collective solipsistic mangle, I wish I could find a better way to say it for you
I plug in and your world disables me: anxiety cage: where to go with it? 

I don’t fit in
I am a broken circle struck by a broken square: it feels like that. 
Think of a highly sensitive, delicately developed tuning fork, hit with a sledgehammer
It feels like that. 
At least I met Kant. At least there was ice cream. I scream, you scream, we all dream inside here. 

Ghost in the machine: schizophrenic monster in the machine: I’m not sure. Dude trying to get ahead in the machine: again I’m not sure
Is there the perfect way to say this? 
Delicate first impressions: suggestions: silly Billy in the machine: willy nilly in the machine: meta-messianic-megalomaniacal battle in the machine; that’s me on a good day
As I go about my day: as I grow around my play to be: to see or not to see
Collective-amorphous-cognitive meta clot, and there’s little old me, stuck in some spectrum middle, trying to sink to its fathom so I can at least stand up in it. 

My mind is a machine that can’t turn its head off. I kid you not
Ten billion hyper meta-bites an hour from the moment I wake up
Ten billion hyper meta-bites an hour from the moment I wake up
Ten billion hyper meta-bites an hour from the moment I wake up

I fall asleep thinking about how gravity might have affected the development of consciousness
I wake up and refine the mathematical dialectical over my bowl of cornflakes: cold milk and sugar, yum
I extend, I expand; I oscillate holistically
I square the bed up. 
I unwind around the binding problem. 
Six dimensional zero, nine-dimensional one, the space between concepts: anything to know it for its source
A god with wings, and a course for sin, indeed. 

I am autism: Savant: transcendental map maker: player on a new page
God on a bed of axioms waiting to be raised
I am the Formulaic Animal out to make a name. 
Giants raised by dwarfs: giant coming back into the game.
Giant coming back into the game.