Void Dancer - Former Self Portrait (artwork faeton music)

Void Dancer – Former Self Portrait

Fast, powerful and aggressive song by Void Dancer.

Artist about the track:

Former Self Portrait is gritty and heavy from start to finish, with almost no redeemable qualities for the non metal fan. Blending elements of tech, old school metal, and a hint of melodic death metal, it offers something interesting for almost all types of metal fans. The song comes from a 3-song EP that strays away from the pretty/pristine production style that is so commonly used in modern metal, and it instead takes a more human/natural sounding approach to production that still allows each instrument to complement one another while carving their own spot in the mix.


Someone got lost
taking a bad dose again.
I wasn’t there,
I don't know how it happened,
but i’m certain that this life isn’t for me.
I need something in between.
Give me something in between.
Glass and paper,
the lighters spark.
Say you drop the needle
and you choose to go and get high.
I’m at a loss,
repressing old issues and files.
I’ll spare some change to change my perspective.
Now I’m somewhere in between.
Give me something in between.
Canvas and dagger,
I’ll leave a mark.
Paint me as a failure, as a work of art.
Canvas and dagger,
I’m tracking marks.
Line it up and overdose in the dark.
I just thought you could benefit from information,
this world doesn’t care for another junkie’s gut to fill.
Reality does not bring joy.
I’m coping with the things I can’t avoid.
Can’t get clean.
Dance with me.
Spin in grief
until we are set free,
spinning freely.