Vinnie-Dangerous - Retribution (artwork faeton music)

Vinnie-Dangerous – Retribution

Strong and fresh hip-hop track by Vinnie-Dangerous

Artist about the track:

A short story about consequences. Song is from the album God Made A Monster.


Verse 1: 
These niggas got me fucked up/Tryna kick dirt on my shoes like a dumptrack/Fresh out the box & they already scuffed Up/So I’m a hit the parking lot & grab my burner/Now you wanna beg me for mercy/You should've thought twice before you touch these/And I ain't scared of a receipt because trust me/I'm gonna be ready when they come for me/
These niggas got me fucked up/I had to shovel dirt on my little brother/Had to bury him next to grandmother/Nigga about to lose a limb like Marca/Oh now you wanna beg me for me mercy/Bet you ain’t afford my brother that luxury/And any of you homies want revenge trust me/I'ma be ready when you come for me/

Hook: Dying soon, black man so he might be dying soon/Wasn’t supposed to make it pass 22 now he 28 that’s 6 years overdue/Just let you know I’m a be on guard/Whether in the hood or a superstar/It really don’t matter where we are/It just matters what’s in the cards the devils working hard so pray for me/Because these niggas got me fucked up (x4)

Verse 2:
These niggas got me fucked up/Pulled up in a drive by, didn’t even run up/Don’t really care he killed that mothafucka/But one of those shots missed & hit my sister/Oh now you wanna beg me got mercy/Should’ve thought twice before you killed my family/And I ain't scared of retribution because trust me/Ain’t nobody ready to come for me/
These niggas got it fucked up/Flash the badge and everybody run when I show up/Blue & red lights flash when I pull up/Got the gun drawn while they got their hands up/"Dont shoot" naw I didn’t hear that/Body camera off, they ain't see that/And the judge and the law’s always beside me/So I know nobody's gonna come for me/