Vilde - Horseback (artwork faeton music)

Vilde – Horseback

Calm and soft song by Vilde

Artist about the track:

Horseback is the third and final single from the upcoming 4th LP, entitled ‘Atopia’, out on June 25th.


Stir the cream - into the tar look - from above
Through the glory hole, from the nook, you’re in love

On a whim, matches in tow
Open hearted, picky aorta
hold the treadmill, you’re in flow
Surplus emotions, for the launderer

trudge no longer, you’re on horseback
In the summer, undercover, whip a wise crack
follow the reptiles, bodies gone, snack on tails
eczema blossoming, a distant storm, coffee gone stale
when the whistle blows, enter the race, lick your lips
Rays on shut eye lids, images awry, legs and hips