Veinmelter - If You Let Go (artwork faeton music)

Veinmelter – If You Let Go

Fresh easy listening song by Veinmelte

Artist about the track:

I wrote this about a series of dreams I had about trying to find someone and never reaching them before the world ended. It was a strange experience as I had a couple weeks of reoccurring dreams.


The volume was turned down low
the air intensifying
when off in the distance
I had the feeling you were lying

across the crowed room and sea of dream
a silence landed in the air of gloom

you cannot hide all your dark secrets by the dour of night

I was driving in my car
going too fast to make it, without losing control
spinning out
slipping off into your black hole
the tick of clocks flows like a stream
moving faster into the sea

hold my hand
tell me to stay
If you let you
it goes away

I wait for things to change
they won’t change me
I wait for things