Van Leeuwen & Fløx - Vendetta (ft. J Smooth) (artwork faeton music)

Van Leeuwen & Fløx – Vendetta (ft. J Smooth)

One more massive track by Fløx ft. Van Leeuwen ft. J Smooth


like i got a vendetta, think i got a vendetta x2
Better go and pay that debt off, you don’t wanna be my vendetta

Off with your head, I be off to the land, I be walking like the dead, see the zombie in my head?
Yea, see that bitch in my bed, I know she bad, but, I aint give her shit.
Except this fucking dick, between her lips, thats my bitch, watch her kiss.
Baddest bitches in the A, they just their to get my paid, I aint tryin’ to get laid, bitch I’m always on my game.

Like I got a vendetta x2
Think I got a vendetta
You don’t wanna be my vendetta

Better go and pay that debt off
You don’t want the lead to let off
Got a family and they need they dinner
(Hold on I’m bout to switch the flow)
Gone to get a gram, yea I’ll be back in a bit
Cuz this life will leave you broke, when you really need a zip.
Huh? Really need a flip.
Bitch I’m like an acrobat, you don’t want the asthma attack.
Killing the game since I been in the game, know a bunch of names that been feeling the same.
Doing what they did to get on like them but thats where we differentiate
Made it in the game without makin It mag
Called out some names, now they thinking I’m mad.
Really aint the case, just been holding it back.
But I’m bout to let it lose like I’m holding a gat, yea
Y’all know what the fuck it is, same kid you been sleeping on, make ya bed.
Fear the day that I make it big, but its inevitable like I’m agent smith
But here’s the twist, I’m the one.
Take ya bitch, I’m the fun.
Now the cool kids lame, switching them lanes, pulled up off in the rafe singing uh uh uh…

You don’t want the vendetta x2
Dont wanna be my fam dinner
Bitch I got a vendetta

Verse 3 J smooth:
haha Yo bitch I got a vendetta, on my shit will never let up
Gave up top, that means I’m fed up.
Ya, I call myself a trend setter
Smooth is on thats ten letters
Count it up together, clever.
Yeah I came from smoking, stoner story
Jack, right hook, yo grip so glory, don’t change fame but I love the glory
Just slang magic, dumble dory 
Chase no bitch, not finding dory
I take fights so high, I’m soaring 
Whip so clean and yes, its foreign.
I’m in the vet, with my guy van
We chop shit up like Jackie chan
I’m straight baraccka on these grams
These hunnnies baked I call her ham
Dont fuck with fakes cuz they just jam
That means they jaded but they can’t tell me the reason why so I don’t give a damn