Valdemar Have - Timeless Melody (artwork faeton music)

Valdemar Have – Timeless Melody

Beautiful and atmospheric song by Valdemar Have.

Artist about the track:

A gritty song about vanity and over privilege. Written by Valdemar Have, Produced and mixed by Jakob Høyer and Valdemar Have.


It’s not a high we ride
it’s not a higher ground
It’s only trying to get out
but we drag it back around

And you’re ashamed to be ashamed 
every time you’re caught
Well you’re guilty you’re the culprit
And you’re preying after all

And now the deal is gone 
And every heart is sold
They’re dying for the kill
So cross you’re fingers when you roll

So we’re crying every night 
Just to memorize our part
It’s never been easier
It’s always been this hard

And do you think it will sustain 
those eoutside the lines
This everlasting feeling
Trapped inside its time

Will we be begging for forgiveness 
when praying’s not enough
It’s living at your mercy
Survival on a bluff