Úzkost - 23 Ribs (feat. Colleen Munn) (artwork faeton music_

Úzkost – 23 Ribs (feat. Colleen Munn)

Absolutely crazy metal track by Úzkost.

Artist about the track:

“23 Ribs” was written to discuss the patriarchy and men feeling entitled to the bodies, time, and energy of women.


What gives you the right?
Where did this entitlement start
To take from the body and spirit of women?
From a myth of a man at the beginning of time
Giving a rib to his wife?
Is your c*ck so small?
Is your ego so fragile?
Using that story to claim what is not yours/
What is not offered.
Yet insisting when they use their voice
That is the true fiction
Putting your own insecurities on someone else.
Your own unacknowledged traumas and abuse as justification
To try to destroy their lives.
Look into yourself.
Centuries of subjugation unanswered.
LIfetimes of smug abuse unpunished.
Bite your tongue so its not cut off.
Keep it in your pants if you want to f*cking keep it.