Unmother - Corridor of Marrow (artwork faeton music)

Unmother – Corridor of Marrow

Incredibly dark black metal song by Unmother


Eyes of stone
With skin stretched across the face
A breathing statue's embrace
Cold fingers seep beneath my face
As I stare into stone windows
Cold fingers seep beneath my skull
As stone windows stare into me
As a smile spreads across their face
I see the shadow of beared teeth
pressing through their flesh
Thousands of faces lurch from underneath their skin
each one a sculptor moulding my mind to the image
beneath the stone
My heart is on fire
My mind grasped by their hands
Weaving their strings
Of doubt and fear
Fire embraces my hands
And spills over my mind
It strangles the strings and I watch them
turn to ash
Images of shattered stone
dance calmly in the flames
Fire guides my hands towards the entrance of the soul
Peeling back their skin, I slide my nails into their eyes
Fire guides my hands and I pull apart the stone
So I can peer into the cavern of marrow
My heart turns to embers
My mind spills from my eyes
Must I wear your skin to see
through your eyes