Unknown Neighbour - Home (artwork faeton music)

Unknown Neighbour – Home

Beautiful song by Unknown Neighbour

Artist about the track:

“Home“ is the title of Unknown Neighbour’s new single. The lyrics are about the home you build on your own, no matter where you come from. Being asked about the story behind the song, the artist said: “I wrote this song a while ago and I think it’s my most intimate one. The lyrics kind of summarise my music – my songs, my message, my artist name – but also me as a person. Writing, producing and performing „Home“ has been a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s a pile of hope for those who always had a room but no home. Music gives me so much strength and I hope that this song will do the same for some of you!“


You’ve been brought up
In an unfamiliar town
And boy you got used to
Strangers and their frown
They brought you up
By holding you down
By holding you down

It felt so rough
To stand on your own
With no scope for
Somebody to moan
It’s been so rough
To have a room but no home
A room but no home

But you grew up and you swore
To add chapters of ease
May they cover your core
Like the rings of old trees

I will hold yours
And you will hold mine
I’m gonna hold yours
And you’re gonna hold mine