Tripaw'd - Cagohhongue (artwork faeton music)

Tripaw’d – Cagohhongue

Noisy slowcore song by Tripaw’d

Artist about the track:

The song stems from the simple 7 note melody line running throughout which keeps the swirly shifting background in check, from a slumber to a ‘rocker’, by lending a catchy centering focus to the otherwise subdued vocals. The introspective ‘tingle’ along with the lyrical content came from the initial finding-of-the-riff day while muttering silly thoughts about the cats and how we all play — this is further captured from ‘jamming it out’ to final take by the band. Jam.


cat got tongue again today
and still i call em my friend
it works out better this way
damn ben, do y’know what’s lost?

shortcomings given a name
more or less throwing your voice
and when the mirror cracks
will you get the hint?
some words don’t mean much today
that doesn’t seem to irk you