Tomas Raae - Carcasonne (artwork faeton music)

Tomas Raae – Carcasonne

Amazing ambient composition with ethnic taste by Tomas Raae

Artist about the track:

The wind blows lightly on the light brown walls.There are several rings of them, and grass in the middle. It is hot. For centuries, they have looked out over the landscape on the hill, and looked after the houses behind. It is beautiful and full of secrets, and has experienced both great cruelty and good times….

With The Dim The Darkness Came is an ambient and cinematic album that explores silence, contemplation in the moment, spirituality, history, thoughts and visions. The aim is to create an interreligious sound universe that, through the music archives of history, creates a current sound image that invites open questions; to reflect on what gives meaning, faith and hope, and what people have previously believed in and been willing to fight for.