Tired Eyes Kingdom - Colombia (artwork faeton music)

Tired Eyes Kingdom – Colombia

Wonderful song by Tired Eyes Kingdom

Artist about the track:

Colombia is the second single from our up and coming new album “Burn The Castle” (out April 25th). The driven force behind the song is a harmonized Moog riff that gives a warm and nostalgic feel.please make sure to check the youtube link as we made an amazing video for the song.Thanks for taking the time!


The vassal of the evil set my sun
I'm running away
I keep looking backwards as I'm running away
Here's to the clouds that distract my sun
I'm running away
Not even in a search of somewhere to stay

A craving for surrender set my sun
I'm running away
Spare me your promises of a better day

It's part of me now, I'm part of it
We burn the castle and dance around it

Close the case and then we go