Thomas LaVine - Coyote (artwork faeton music)

Thomas LaVine – Coyote

Fresh indie / folk song by Thomas LaVine

Artist about the track:

Coyote is a song about how many different sides there are to every individual. With a western inspired soundscape and a modernized, organic, country and roots instrumental, the song compares different sides of my own personality in less than a three minute span.


Heaven help the fool in here
‘Cause I don’t know which way he’s gonna go
A light is coming through the mirror
Trying to clear the darkness in my soul

If I call you 
Will you come down?
A little timing goes a long way now
In the night you’ll hear the sound
I’m a coyote when the sun down

Heavy is the weight of time
You never know which way it’s gonna go
Better to be free than blind
And take your chances in a hollow hole

There’s an unseen vacant town
Only there when you’re not around
In the night you’ll hear the sound
Of the coyote when the sun goes down

Chase rabbits like a hungry hound
In a panic when there’s wolves around