The Velvoids - Let It Breathe (artwork faeton music)

The Velvoids – Let It Breathe

Pretty interesting track by The Velvoids

Artist about the track:

Directed by Colin Marchon (videos for The Yeahtones, A Place To Bury Strangers)

Taken from their upcoming full length “MOTHER” scheduled for official release March 27, 2020 from Thinkbabymusic Collective.

words & music by Vice Lesley /Dorah X
arranged and performed by The Velvoids


Dream when you’re grounded
Let it breathe until you finally find it
Hauled in a sell-out country
Sleeping astounded
Let it see you just like you always wanted
Rain on there’s still sunshine there for everyone
Dream when you’re hounded
Let it breathe until you’ve finally found it
Hauled in this sell-out century
It doesn’t matter to me
She said my is mine
When you take