The Micronaut - Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck) (artowrk faeton music)

The Micronaut – Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck)

Beautiful and deep track by The Micronaut

Artist about the track:

The mood intensifies but rather than climaxing, the track takes a melancholic twist with The Micronaut’s melodic guitar-playing and wistful vocals by singer Saskia. The music reflects and accompanies the intensity of Sauer’s fencing, highlighting the highly emotional spirit of the sport.


Time is running so fast
People want to hold the past
I don’t look back when times were so hard. Thinking of another start.
This chair is not what I need
Heart beating another beat.
Does a full account really matter?
Don‘t feel things you love much better?
Go and find things you really want to.
Go and find things, you can!
He‘s always there to hold and help you, so start again!
I am prepared for future chances
I am prepared, go on.
I want to dance all my dances with you so long.