That One Eyed Kid - Power (artwork faeton music)

That One Eyed Kid – Power

Beautiful song by That One Eyed Kid

Artist about the track:

What makes a man a monster?


Naive and proud, head in the clouds
In spring sixteen I'd
Say shit out loud, wouldn’t say now
You’d make me feel
Safe in my skin, this cheeky grin
Spread from ear to ear
We split up and I begin to feel it slipping up

Project my soft voice till I’d hear it loud
In summer eighteen I'd
Stand taller chest wider heart smaller
You’d make me feel
Lesser somehow, it’s not your fault
Your success was
Intimidating cuz I was lazy
No confidence inside but I wear it out

I’m trying to feel this power inside
Cuz on the outside I never feel right
I keep taking hits
I keep taking shit
Its all your power over me
I'm overpowered by my fear

Naive and proud, head in the clouds
I’m five-seven, twenty-seven
Feel a bit taller in my skin, started
Wearing different shit I'm
Trying to be a different man

By now I feel it
Bubbling up, questioning
if there’s a limit to the top, or
if the drop's worth the compromise
of all this time being white hot and unstoppable