Teddy Chipouras - Younger Days (artwork faeton music)

Teddy Chipouras – Younger Days

Beautiful song by Teddy Chipouras

Artist about the track:

I wrote this song when I was in a songwriting class at my university a couple years back. The assignment was to write a one part song; verses with a refrain at the end. This refrain should encapsulate the meaning of the verses and song as a whole. I started writing, and eventually came up with “in my younger days” and based my song around that. The lyrics evolved, eventually forming into stages of life. First being young a naive, losing love, and looking back at youth. I hope that listeners will hear this song and really think about their lives and how they are living it, because it goes by so fast.


I remember feeling real
With dirty hands and sunburn peel
I said what I had to say
In my younger days

When you ran away from me
Full of hope but so naive
You thought that you’d find you’re way
In your younger days

I don’t know where time has gone
80 years and going strong
I look back through misty haze
To my younger days