Subculture - The River Bend (artwork faeton music)

Subculture – The River Bend

Amazing track by Subculture.

‘The River Bend’ came from conversations between Subculture and Rachel about the unconscious biases people have in relation to groups of people that are different from themselves. The song takes the perspective of a person walking past a group of kids hanging out by an inner-city river, and questions the warped rationale of that person feeling threatened in what is in reality a harmless situation.

Musically, the track once again shows Subculture’s penchant for marrying organic, soulful instrumentation with pulsing rhythms and forward-thinking synths and samples.

“I was already a fan of Rachel’s work and always blown away by how interesting her melody choices are. But I wanted to get her on something different to her normal vibe and felt there were some interesting places we could explore together. I wanted to create something classic sounding with a futuristic spin, kinda like if Kanye produced a Nina Simone record.”


A Boulevard with no lights again 
See Dark skin thugger gangs 
Hide my phone without a view
I’ll cross the street and call a friend
Then run down the riverbend
Thank god I made this time through

Make my way downtown again
Cold fingers and stuttering 
I see the sun shining through
My mood so high you can swing again
Melt down but recovering
The spring in my walk counts for two 

Watch my step as I walk through the forbidden
Thought we’d take his shit But we didn’t 
I think they’ve got something theyve hidden

The boy with freedom failed his mission