Stayhomie - Wasted (feat. Grisly Faye) (artwork faeton music)

Stayhomie – Wasted (feat. Grisly Faye)

Incredible track by Stayhomie feat. Grisly Faye

Artist about the track:

It was the last song I recorded for the album, and it became a real diamond for me. While looking for a vocalist I came across a talented Ukrainian singer Margarita a.k.a. Grisly Faye. After several successful drafts we received a powerful and inspiring result.


If you leave
don’t look back
that is how
time is wasted slowly
Swirling in my head
Dancing in the air
Walking through the night
To the brighter lights
Fading slowly
Even if you disappear
From my sight
Fading slowly
I will reach out far
Until we are found
Fading slowly