SmooveLee x A-F-R-O - L33FRO (artwork faeton music)

SmooveLee – L33FRO (feat. A-F-R-O)

Very nice old-school hip-hop stuff by SmooveLee and A-F-R-O.

Artist about the track:

This is a high energy lyrical Hip Hop presentation.


SmooveLee Intro:
Intro- Its SmooveLee and AFRO. We finna rip the show.
We came to kick down the door just to get the dough.
Ok let me switch it up like I switch the flow.

SmooveLee Verse:
N****s got me twisted like a Twizzler. Home cooked meals I aint eating at no Sizzler.
N**** I precipitate with the flow; I aint no drizzler. Mr. SmooveLee come through I like to riddle ya;
Cause I'm Riddler. Are you a Riddle bruh? Stop with all the racket rappers not up in my bracket.
Mr. SmooveLee like a an egg up in the morning, get it crackin. What I'm packing what you lacking.
And I'm telling you whats happening, and I'm standing tall like the towers thats in Manhattan.
If you hit me with a plane I aint falling. I do my thing. Mr. SmooveLee right now I'm a wheelchair; one day I just dreaming of walking on a cane.
Mr.SmooveLee got damn you coming off the brain? Yes it's insane yes my flow goes down the drain of your brain then it gets into your mental sinks deep.
Mr. SmooveLee yes I feel like I'm ten feet times ten. Thats' a hundred my man,
Line up them rappers I'll eat a hundred of them, Mr. SmooveLee I'm trowing up hundreds to them.
Ben Franklin? Shit I'm more hundred than him.

A-F-R-O Verse:
I’m in the ring, ready for whatever, red blood/
Runny, when I’m dummy and I can wreck it like RALPH/
When I be coming to go kill it, c’mon I’m a different frequency/
Indeed I speak it when I be funny and fond of what I SHOUT/
Hold on, homie, I hope that you ain’t know me/
I be like the Iron Sheik and call a rapper Jabroni/
And with poisonous arrow, apparel, whatever I’m like a
Pharaohe Monch, mixed with a Rakim, and a little GURU/
Snitch ass niggas are singing Christmas carols/
Lock em in a dark box, and hit him with a double barrel/
Shapiro, the fearful, hearin’ an earful/
Be careful, and cautious, the ol’ FRO Scarecrow/
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - I’m the author/
Barely you know me, prepare yourself for the horror/
Who’s he, black folk, leave ya petrified/
SmooveLee, AFRO, better recognize/
Bridge- We finna wreck you guys, hit you with that weapon guys.
And we not here to reconcile, we just hit you with that pow. Then we reconceal.

SmooveLee Verse:
Pow tow dow lay down on the floor now.
Mr. SmooveLee I'd like to switch up the flow now.
Came through with my boy named AFRO so you Mr. SmooveLee his soul glow.
Fasho glow at every show ho. You know ho? The flow ho muah, and yo shit so so.
And you n****s gots no hoes yall always talking all that promo.
Mr. SmooveLee bounce on this track like the po po.
Ok go up and down just like a 64. My steal its klepto and I'm schizo.
And you know I'm a sicko, and you know Im chasing my Nabisco trying to raise my fiscal, and my fans they keep a fist full.
Because Mr. SmooveLee is lightening in a bottle. Im tellin you n****s I sip it til its hallow. And I you i'm flyer than a bird no Eago, but say Mr. SmooveLee got a big E go.
But they don't know how much I sacrafice, and how hard I go.
I finna make a splash on they wack ass Imma need some goggles.