Smokehouse - Brazil (artwork faeton music)

Smokehouse – Brazil

Pleasant song with summer vibes by Smokehouse.

Artist about the track:

‘Brazil was’ the first song we made together as SMOKEHOUSE. It started with a shitty little drum machine we had laying around, and quickly found its way into the indie-pop thing it is now. It was so hot that year in California, it really drove the song to be this polychromatic dreamlike summer memory of that fantasy everyone wishes they could live over and over again but you never really get the chance to (in any sort of reasonable capacity anyway).


In my mind
I swear there’s colors in my mind
At the dive
They’re playing bowie for a dime
Morning bloom
She walks out to get the news
by the afternoon
Were waltzing in the other room
Moonlit play
We couldn’t wait another day
Out on display
They had to ask if we’re okay
My little Whiskey blue
I think we’ve reached impending doom
And If the lies are true
We might as well be in a tomb
So won’t you give me all your love
Give me all your love
Give me all your love
All day long, for all damn night
I think I love you and I hate it at the same damn time
You can keep your space
If it feels any better
But they’re closing up the bar
Should we just… leave here together