Simon D James - Written By Rules (artwork faeton music)

Simon D James – Written By Rules

Amazingly soft song by Simon D James

This is the 3rd Track from me new EP ‘Days of Heaven’

It see me take a more stripped haunting back direction. this song was written after Simon volunteered in the Calais refugee camp for 7 months in 2015/16. It is a comment about the struggle for many people who are just looking for peace, yet the system is set up to not welcome them.

Produced at Green Mount Studios by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockheart, they said they were going to try their ‘Adele’ trick with the production on this one.The vocals harmonies are by my long term friend Iva Vuchenovic.


Always dreamed of more but our out of options 
the way the played the game for you to fall from favor 
Theres no surprise, hiding behind your lies 
Enjoy the ride and dont forget too smile 

The trees grow incredibly tall 
and I feel incredibly small 
The dream wasnt real at all 
and the reason was the reason no more. 
You try to hide it all 
from the people who arent people at all 
The lovers are outnumbered by fools, 
and your freedom isnt written by rules 

The clock is ticking, we are close to the edge 
try to look up, but fall down instead