Sidny x Chaix - Someone New (artwork faeton music)

Sidny x Chaix – Someone New

Light and easy track by Sidny x Chaix

Artist about the track:

The collaborators’ new single “Someone New” is a bouncing, building electronic track that emphasizes the anti-drop. It would be great if you could feature.


Its been a little while since you left
I heard you started seeing someone else
And I was all good for a little while
But a little while later you'd come back to my mind again

Pre C
Now thoughts of us keep running through my head
All the little things that you and I used to do
Its such a shame that you would give your love to
someone new.

Someone New (8x)

Spend a little more time with my friends
Helps me keep out all the voices in my head
And only you know all the things you said
When we were in your bed
your bed

Pre C, C