Sean Patton - Normalize (artwork faeton music)

Sean Patton – Normalize

Sweet and light song by Sean Patton.

Artist about the track:

It’s a moody song bridging resistance and acceptance and wanting life to feel easy. Lyrically, there are a lot of threads to take your mind elsewhere, and sonically it has a mix of nostalgic tones & futurism to it that reflects a head that’s all over the place, trying to be rooted in the present… (“no more lies in my head, normalize if i can”).


Under a crescent moon
You sink or you swim
It’s all in the salt that you let in
Converse with a ghost
I don’t really want to know myself
You stir and it grinds
Participate in the decline
You think there’s something to know
I’ve noticed nothing
No more lies
In my head
If I can
If you got something to say
Take two steps back yeah start erasing
This bridge that has formed
From my mouth to yours
Converse with a ghost
About the sand above your toes
And did they forgot to tell ya
The future isn’t special
You think there’s something to be
We barely function
No more lies
In my head
If I can