Scarcity - III (artwork faeton music)

Scarcity – III

Noisy and dark track by Scarcity.

Artist about the track:

III is the third movement of Aveilut. Consisting of one 45-minute composition, the music is black metal roughly in the vein of Jute Gyte, Krallice, Mare Cognitum, and Enhare – with hefty doses of post-Branca microtonal guitar abuse, and a cinematic scope that draws on Randall-Myers’ work with orchestras. Aveilut’s mathematical abstraction and lyrical focus on the greatness of the void breed raw emotion, attempting to represent a catastrophe, the vastness and inevitability of things outside our control; as well as a direct expression of grief, a kind of requiem. Though born of Randall-Myers and Moore’s intense intimacy with absence, Aveilut is an attempt to present a harrowing universal representation of death’s true form.


Where quiet penitents
Meditate on impermanence
And ethereal hands
Guide mighty blades
From point to point
On the immanent plan
Cut down by the billions
Fates clipped from the firmament
The cosmic scryer squints
And narrows her augury
The future a slum
Your enclave the present
Transience turns on all its old friends
The heavens precipitate
They do not forefend