Sawticide - We Came To Kill (artwork faeton music)

Sawticide – We Came To Kill

Fast and aggressive song by Sawticide


Raging, pillaging innocent lives
Their time has come to die
Thrashing this place to the ground
The bodies never to be found

Killing without reason
(Act of treason)
Remorseless machine guns them down
(Horrible sound)

No witnesses left, no time to escape
The men they were butchered, the women were raped
Crimes against war, crimes agains humanity
A senseless massacre, disconnect from reality

Ready to annihilate no second thoughts
Prepare to die for this noble cause
I see red I pull the trigger
(We came to kill)

Targets locked in, craving the attack
No point to run, there’s no going back
Your fate decided, your blood falls to me
High on this violence, pure insanity