ROY ROY - Chalky Nuts (artwork faeton music)

ROY ROY – Chalky Nuts

Nu jazz vibes by ROY ROY

Artist about the track:

“Chalky Nuts” is the first single from up and coming EP “Sweet N’ Sour”. The track serves as an appetiser, introducing you to their distinctive sound and luring you into their strange universe. A menacing lo-fi beat marries perfectly with woozy jazz chords and textural, industrial soundscapes. Archie shines a light on the meaning behind the tune and it’s genesis “It’s about being bored, people we don’t like and breakfast. The song came about after experimenting with different time signatures just for the sake of learning. It then evolved into something new as Max brought his verse to the table. It was all recorded DIY in our home studio in burley, and was engineered by Tom Bacon at Brighton Electric Studios.”


warm honey and chalky nuts softened the blow of another day in my box check the time I'm a vegetable for the next few minutes,
for the 54th time, I check my watch pop spots dot dots
deep like the work rate the mat in G-Shocks,
make plots to sink ships inject drinks see that bastard if he sticks to his kinks when he winks and she winks outside,
face pink when they link there's no nice goodbyes

Lazy Eye Lazy eye,
he's a lazy kind of guy
Lazy eye lazy Eye

3 year spast and non of it on my face
I let the car wearing a blaclava made of lace
I met this girl called anne in summer you should've seen her mother
she had a party bag of old tricks
a different kind of lover
Well I must've put a foot down wrong,
she wrote this song
as night eats the world
my credit cards gone

Lazy eye lazy,
He's a lazy kind of guy,